Monday, November 16, 2009

Installment #4: The House Trailer

Tonight's post will be short because it's 10:30 p.m., I've been up and down on my knees all day planting garlic and one of my parrots just bit my toe.

Well, that all sets the mood for this devastating chapter in our lives anyway.

Yes, about that house trailer mentioned in my last post...

With the horses safe in a stable near our house 100 miles from the farm, and our having no real plans for that 16 acres yet, other than we wanted desperately to relocate there where we could have the horses with us, we had little reason to go to the farm very often at this point.

This was a particularly long stretch that we were absentee from our acreage--from April to August that particular year. My faulty memory tells me this was our second year of marriage.

That May, the trailer was hit by 80-90 mph straight-line winds. It broke the straps, moved the entire trailer three feet off it's blocks and ripped off the roof. No one called us, even though three people had our number, so what the storm didn't destroy, three months exposure to the elements did.

Little humor in tonight's post. This was a sad saga in our lives. One house and one trailer later, and there was still no living quarters to move to even if Hubby had been able to pull off the transfer he had been trying for.

It was not a good summer!

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