Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Installment #5: The House Next Door, a New Hope

A glint of hope!

After the destruction of our house trailer, we longingly looked at the house and acreage with which we shared the fence line. It had been for sale for two years at $125,000. Suddenly, it looked good to us, solid brick and had managed to stay in one piece through the storms that had destroyed Hubby's house-building effort and the house trailer. It had however been sold just before the trailer was destroyed to a man in his 80's. He was forever absentee. And the property had a realtor's "For Sale" sign on it the same high price.

We went to a farm loan company. The agent visited the property and told us he couldn't justify a loan over $85,000 as that is all the property was worth.

We decided to go around the realtor, whom we purposely never contacted to keep him and his commission out of the equation. We tracked down the owner's address and drove the some 120 miles to visit him.

He said he would consider our offer if the house did not sell before the realtor's contract ran out.
We gave him our number and recontacted him some three months later when the contract ran out, but he still wouldn't budge on the price. We resolved to keep in touch with him just in case he should change his mind.

Meanwhile, we had fixed the fences best we could and moved the horses to the farm. Our stable had gone up in price considerably.

We decided we needed to make lemonaid out of the lemon the last storm had handed us, the lemon being the ruined house trailer,. We stripped the aluminum siding off the old mobile home to build a horse barn.

And Hubby scheduled a week of vacation for the barn raising.

Some vacation that was going to be....

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